City Tour on Bikes Santiago
Santiago is a city that seems hectic and crazy at first glance. However, you get a different perpective from a bike. In other words, it is a city that surprises the visitor. It is fairly friendly for the walkers and the cyclists and has many quiet corners to visit.

Tours Available All Year Around. For more info and Reservations: / Phone-Whatsapp:  +56 9 44070503

a. Regular Tour of Santiago on Bikes.
– Scheduled Tours 9:30am  /  2:30pm

b. Private service from your Hotel.

a. Biking Through the OLD Santiago:

This seems to be the tour that attracts most visitors. Within 3 or 4 hours (not all of them on the bikes) we can cover enough of the city’s old places with interesting architecture, history and culture. This tour gives the visitor a clear idea on how the city was designed, how it evolved, the way people deal with it today. It also provides with a clear idea on how it has changed until today. The tour includes various stops at important points of interest. These are iconic corners of the city that the visitor must see.
An important stop will be at Café Literario or similar, so people can use the facilities and get some water, a cup of coffee or snacks.
USD 40 Adults (Mínimum 2 People)  USD Children

b. Modern Santiago:

Santiago – like any other city – has changed a lot in the last few decades: tall buildings, modern metro system and new rythm of life. The Eastern part of town is all about this – CHANGE. This tour takes the visitor through the heart of the business district, malls, restaurant, all the embassies, international business and restaurants.
The tour includes Bicentenario Park – one of many parks in the city – but one that stands as the symbol of how Chile as a country looks into the future.
We stop at a food and coffee truck. Bathrooms also available here.

USD 40 Adults (Mínimum 2 People)  USD 20 Children