About our Most Important Aspects with Safety

Grado Sur Expediciones Ltda is an outdoor adventure travel company with more than 15 years leading recreational and educational trip in Chile and in Argentina. 
In all these years there has been a big emphasis in a simple and safe logistics with the only purpose to run safe excursion in relation to the resources that we owe and put to the service of our activities.
1. Support Vehicles: Grado Sur Expediciones own van, 4X4 vehicles used to support trips, motorcycles to help with explorations and support. 
2. Guides: All our guides have always been some of the best considering the level of complexity of our trips. Though we don’t lead trips into extreme wilderness all the time we like to know that our guides are always ready to respond in stressful situation always looking for safe procedures. Our guides are passionate people about the outdoors. But they are also well trained professionals. Some have been to Guide Schools others have learn from experience and obtained their certifications from different institution. All of them very reliable. 
3. WRF: Since the beginning of our operations, Grado Sur Expediciones has tried to incorporate medical training to assist people in our trips. Fortunately, incidents have always been small, but training and demand for fresh knowledge is always there.
Since 2014, WFR started being a MUST in our company, not only because the market requires guides with a WFR Certification, but because it is one of the best Professional Trainings we know about and agree with. So today, we make sure that at least one of our guides with WFR is part of our expeditions hoping that all our guides in the Future can offer that as part of there professional credentials.
4. Risk Assessment – Small Risk Involved:  We have trips that repeat themselves through the year. But we are also planning new trips and working on special requirements from clients. No matter what we do, we try to stay away from trouble. Every trip has risks that come from the essence of being in the wilderness and combine that with sports ike biking kayaking, horseback riding or just walking in the mountains. However, we try to make sure that nothing becomes an unnecessary challenge. We also try to keep an eye on external factor out of our control like weather, floods, rain, low temperatures, or high volumes of water in te rivers.
5. Chacking on People: There nothing that compares to experience. And being a guide usually sets a difference with regular people who come in our trips or any outdoor trip with any company. Being a guide, then, provides with good tools to look over our participants and offer them advice when it seems needed. We highly suggest that our guides watch carefully if people are doing the necessary things to stay hydrated, with energy by eating when necessary. We ask our expedition members to rest on scheduled stops and advice to take certain precautions when riding a bike, padding in a kayak or handling a horse. We expect them to be responsible, follow instructions and avoid actions that bring unwanted risk to the expedition.   
6. Raise Consciousness for Safety: Our concern for Safety starts even before people sign up for one of our activities. Following legal procedures we ask our expedition members to read, accept and sign a document where many aspects of an our activities are explained in detail. This document wants participants of our activities to understand fully of every aspect and risk of an activity that though fun, can not be taken lightly, specially in the wilderness.   
It is important for us that people know and understand that our activity require our full attention and our goal as guides is that people joining our trips are as safe as possible and as fun as they could be. And that participants play a key role to make it happen by preperaring for the trips and following instructions.