Double Mountain Biking Andes Mountain Crossing Chile & Argentina

Double Mountain Biking Andes Mountain Crossing Chile & Argentina
Another Epic Grado Sur Trip through trails and dirt roads of the Andes
January 05 to 11 – 2019 (Also available as a Private Trip)
Cost per person CLP$420.000 usd 650 (usd 600 – Especial deal for sign-ups before November, 2018)

This is the most important and challenging trip Grado Sur organizes during the year. This riding between two countries involves detailed planning, paper work, legal issues and other office work. However, the result is an amazing biking trip through trails, mountain dirt roads, a bit of downhill, great and beautiful views and great people we meet along the road. We travel through forest, passing rivers, lakes and volcanoes with breathtaking images of Andes Mountains beauty of Chile’s “Región de Araucanía” and Argentina’s Lake Region.

For the cyclist, this is a personal challenge of about 400 kmts (almost 200 miles). We have scheduled sections for each day and offer as much support as we can, without interfeering to much in a personal or group experience with nature. It is important to understand that we love the outdoors and try to connect with nature as much as possible. We camp, use cabins, small hotels and sometimes restaurants in the towns we visit.
This trip is complex for us, but we try to make it simple for the expedition members. Cyclist need to focus only in riding and enjoying the experience. We need some paper work, so important it is to Check what documents each member of this trip needs to cross between these two countries.
Needless is to say that this trip is one of those thing we only do few times in life. This is a team effort, the best of two countries and at the end a very satisfying challenge.